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Peppys Royal Flash


News Flash: Keep an eye out for Pepper and his first youth competitor Alexa Dahl, at the 2009 Western Nationals. We wish you the best of success.

Thanks Paje- Alexa and Pepper won both days at the Western Nationals Finals, Alexa won the youth area leader and the WA youth Champion. Pepper is her hero and she is his!

Sue Dahl

I cut on Pepper twice this week the first time was fun.....the second time was awesome....he is a big mover...very sweet natured and I can see why you fell in love with him. Jeff, our trainer really likes him, and the people who ride in his barn were impressed with how athletic he is. (that was fun) its fun having the hot new horse.

Cindy Friend of the West Coast

JK Jaycee Honey Doc


Hey Paje.  I will try and get some photos of both horses in the next week or two.  I appreciate your offer to rope together, but really it’s just a matter of me getting used to a different horse.  It doesn’t help that I’ve only been able to rope on him twice because of the weather.  I do really like him and I know he’s one of those horses that will take me to the next level and make me rope a little quicker.  He’s even quicker than Curly which I rope off of a lot too.  By the way, I am going to keep the barrel thing to myself for a bit, because I know when my oldest daughter hears that, she’ll want him…  Trying to keep your own horses around here is a challenge w/3 kids who all rodeo; I’m always “losing” my horses! J

Thanks Paje!


Belgrade, MT

Krog Fancy Cowboy


Just wanted to drop you guys a note. Cowboy is doing well and has been working hard at the current Hollywood Park race meet. I lended him out to the girl that takes all my horses to the starting gate in afternoons. He was on T.V. the other day for taking the great Zenyatta to the gate for her race. He looked like a midget next to her. It's great experience for him so he can get more air time for big races. Thanks again.

Bob Baffert



Chad & Paje,                

I just want to say “Thank You” again for working with us.  Although Joey is not my color of choice, Koley thinks he is wonderful. 

A pig ran underneath him last night and he didn’t even budge. Another pig went into the corral with him and was rooting around in his hay and once again, he did not budge.  Later, a puppy grabbed the end of his tail and he simply kept walking dragging her along behind.  It was quite the sight.  He seems to be a nice addition. 

I hope Winston is settling in alright.  We miss him and hope you will find an even better place for him. We appreciate all of your help and kindness.

Jo Schmidt

Miles City, MT



Chad and Paje:

Harley is an outstanding horse in his own right.  He takes awesome care of our 9 year old daughter Annie.  They are inseparable.  I only have a couple of pictures, but I will send more.  He has been a great horse for her to learn how to rope on. We can trust him to not get in her trouble.   

Thanks again Chad and Paje. 

The Thurgood's of Salt Lake City, UT

Haulin Harlan


Chad & Paje, I thought you would like to see these photos of my boys calf roping for the first time in Texas High School Rodeo Region Five. Harley has been a wonderful addition to our family and we could not be happier. We had ten different people try to buy Harley at this rodeo. I hope you like the pictures as much as we do.


Jeff Ogden of Kountze, TX



We want to congratulate the Silva Family of Kauai, HI on your purchase, we look forward to following your accomplishments with Figo!

San Man



I have attached a couple pictures of Dawson roping off San Man at the Alberta Jr High School Rodeos. They are getting along very well, they placed 2nd at their first rodeo in the ribbon roping and 3rd in the breakaway with a 3.1 second run. Dawson is still heeling off him at jackpots, but has went back heading at the rodeos

San Man is everything you told us he would be and is proving to be a good all around horse for our boys. Thanks once again.

Hollywood Safari


We just love watching this team, they roped together in Reno, and now we will be following their go at the World Series of Team Roping Finale in Vegas!

Lets go "Cat" and Dave, you have a cheering section! This red roan son of the immortal Cat Ichi, will make you proud!

The Whitlow Family


Te and Faithful are doing great. We have used them to gather cows, separate steers, and gather bulls. I could not ask for two better ranch horses. I have picked Te out as my horse to use when we work cattle. He and I just click with each other. I think it is his personality and feel. I was really surprised at how cowy Te is. I did not know there were pleasure type horses that had so much cow-sense. When we are moving cattle he pins those ears back to show those cows he means business. It is a great pleasure to ride a ranch horse that will do that. Its funny how he is so mean to those cows and bulls, but he lets the babies walk around his legs. To me Te is a horse with a lot of potential. He has that pleasure feel, but he is also great at holding calves. I worked with him in the arena and when he knows which calf I want he watches and reacts very well. I need some help with his lead changes though. Flying lead changes are something I have not learned a lot about. With the way he works calves I was thinking of trying some working cow horse. Let me know what you think.Faithful is more than anyone could ask for. I really like how he will get after cows at one end of the arena, but he does not get hyped up. I could cut and hold calves then turn right around and put a child on him. As you both well know there are not a lot of horses like that. I also messed with him a little with the rope on some steers. It is awesome to watch him pin those ears back and put you right there.We have rode grey doc a little but have not had the chance to work him on cows mainly because I want to use Te and Dad wants to use Faithful or Doc as we call him.Well guys this e-mail turned out to be a lot longer than I intended, but I wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying these guys.

Josh Whitlow of Arkansas

Whiz N Marissa


Hi Paje,

Anyway, my boy is still awesome!  I have been working cattle on him.  This weekend i will get someone to take some pictures of us working cattle.  He can do incredible moves!  I had a reining friend try him sorting, and her comment was, "I see why you like him so much", and "You really have to be ready for that move!"  (he just almost turned out from under her).  He loves the cows! 

We had a team roping clinic here at the house with Matt Sherwood and Jett Hillman this summer.  Afterward, when we backed up the trailer to the run back gate to load the cattle, Whiz squeezed between the trailer and the gate to get in with the cattle.  He ran down the run back, through the cattle, turned, gathered them up and loaded them into the trailer.  Then he got in with them and went to the front of the trailer!  He wasn't going to let "his" cattle go anywhere without him!  We had to unload all of them to get him out!  He did this all by himself, no rider.

I have been letting him stay in the arena so he can be near his cows (we have 6 -- i should say HE has 6).

He's a hoot.  And when i take him to the river, he is absolutely the best trail horse ever.  He doesn't hesitate about anything i ask him to do.  The first time i went to the river, he just walked in like we had been doing it every day.  I can go with friends or by myself, no problem.  My mare was teasing him yesterday, though.  Seems like an early heat for her...


Satins Poco Bar


Two Feathers Ranch owns 11 horses, Poco is the only horse owner Paul Shirley will ride. The ranch manager says he is worth his weight in gold, funny thats his color.

Two Feathers Ranch, Paul Shirley of Darby, MT



Hi Paje!

Here are a couple of quick pics from the recent NV trip. nothing too exciting as all he really did was sort a few and then moved about 100 head 11mi across the desert - what a long day!

He has been great... even managed to get the rope caught under his tail a few times and his only reaction was to flinch a little. We head back to NV Wed. - the trucks are coming in with about 800 head 
every 3rd day for a few weeks, so he'll be plenty busy!


Sarah of California



I bought a horse named Curly of Turner Performance Horses. This horse is everything that they said he was. He scores like a rock, rates, pulls and faces perfectly every time. You barely have to give him leg to rate. He is always calm and the same horse. He is super smooth and never jars you no matter your speed. He is so smart, well trained, consistent and smooth, horses like Curly don't come along too often. He is a true testament to the quality of horses produced by Turner Performance Horses.

They will be the first place I look when I decide to pickup another fantastic rope horse.


Chyan Biggs of Bozeman, Montana

Hudson Family


4 year old Tara and 11 year old Wyatt, took Grandma for a ride on Misty last week. Grandma said, "she totally took care of me, of course I used to ride when I was younger." From one generation to the next, she works the ranch and the aren.

Tony Hudson

Stevensville, MT

Cowboy & Maverick




They did it again this year, 2011 Maui USTRC Champions, Cowboy and Maverick. Emiliano and Katie Achaval purchased these two geldings at the 2009 $$ Rope Horse sale in Las Vegas, NV.  We are so proud and happy to see buckles again this year!!!!!




Cowboy and EA Win BIG at the 2010 USTRC Maui Classic! Buckles, Money and Prizes!!!




Yesterday Nic roped 4 out of 7 with Hottie,  and towed them, one steer ran behind Wrangler "hottie", and any other horse would have bucked, it was under his leg and tail. But wonderful Wrangler did nothing except crouch a little because I told nic it tickled his behind… anyway, Herman and EA were happy to know that He wouldn’t do anything,… Nic undid his dally and all was fine…He was a little shook up, but today he's going back again.

Dave & Drew Lewis


What a story, our saying "ride the brand of excellence" stands true. After 2 days of owning "Texas", Drew Lewis goes out and captures the Open buckle at a Memorial penning. Impressive Drew, we are proud of you and Texas, keep up the good work.


Drew just let the cat out of the bag, said they have won 6 out of 7 pennings this fall, in the the US and Cananda.

Bostons Zippo Magic

Hey Chad and Paje,

Just wanted to give you an update on Boston...he is fantastic!  We just spent 4 days in Land Between the Lakes in KY and we had a wonderful time.  He led and he followed and he never wanted to leave the trail.  I'm not sure who enjoyed it more...him or me!  I tightened up the bridle and he was much more responsive to the bit.  I think we have come to the "crossroads" and we are going to have many more great miles on the trail together.  I will send pictures soon!  Thanks again!


Eastern, KY

Dunnit By Midnite

Hey Paje!!!!

 Treasure is great. I can't even tell you how much I love that horse. I have started her on the barrels and is taking them like champ!  I get compliments on her EVERYWHERE! Do you have the sale video of Treasure online anywhere still? I was wanting to show her to my uncle that lives in South Dakota!


Central Point, OR



I just wanted to let everyone know our story with Turner Performance Horses.




Last fall, I purchased a paint gelding that had everything going for him; especially his looks. But when I started working with him more, it turn out that he wasn't quite what I wanted. So I mentioned to Chad and Paje that I was looking for another horse that would be more suited to my needs. They told me about a sorrel gelding that had outstanding breeding on top and bottom.




From talking to Chad and Paje, we worked out a deal to trade horses. Because I wasn't completely satisfied with the paint but we both didn't want to see the paint gelding not living up to his working potential. So I made the trip down, where the sorrel horse was everything they had told me and more.




Back home now, the sorrel and I just really click and became united with each other. I think it is his personality and feel. And I can put family on him and I know I can trust him to keep them safe. As one we cover miles and make dreams happen.

Buddy & Patches


Hi Paje & Chad;

You’ve caused great angst in our house.  Both my daughters want Buddy.  Tried to settle it with a wrestling match between them but that didn’t work out so well.  Guess they’re going to have to share.   The pictures are of our oldest daughter Teal who is 10 years old.  Both my daughters are absolutely thrilled with Buddy as am I and my wife, Tammy. 

Tammy road Buddy chasing cows Monday, stepped out of the trailer 27 degrees out and he acted as if he had been ridden for miles ahead of time.  This horse is rock solid.  Chases cows when asked and settles back to a steady work attitude right away. 

The best thing I’ve found about Buddy is dealing with Chad.  He tells you the way it is and stands behind the horse the entire time, no arguments.  It’s a pleasure owning this horse and a pleasure buying him from a reputable outfit.

Thanks we’re going to enjoy the addition to our ranch.

We really appreciate dealing with you guys.  It’s truly is a pleasure.  I’ve bought a lot of horses and only a rare few turn out to be represented as they are and even more rare do folks stand behind them.  I’ll certainly recommend Turner Performance Horses to anyone looking for a horse.

Darell Luther



A mare raised and trained by Turner Performance Horses since she was a yearling, leased to Farrah as an 8 year old. Currently being hauled successfully to NBHA and UBRA's.

Farrah Buffington of Minneapolis, MN

Bonnets Baby Socks


Clayton and his horse recently competed in Pueblo, CO at the National Little Britches Finals Rodeo.  It was a thrill to receive the National Super Horse Award!  Bullet, our beautiful buckskin gelding, was recognized as the outstanding horse of the year in the junior boy category.  As many of you know, I adore this guy (my children have accused me of loving him more than I do them!), and am happy that he is recognized nationally as such a special horse.


I did forget to mention that Clayton is 13th in the world in Team Roping for Little Britches...





Blackjack, Goldi, Floppy & Senator


Well it took us a month, however we have won our first money together. What a nice, nice barrel horse. Thanks for the smokin' deal on her!

Erica Hutchings, Double Fork Ranch

Stevensville, MT


Chad and Paje,

I bought Draggin (Bugsy) from Turner Performance Horses through BLS in their April 2010 rope horse sale. Chad was very honest and helpful when I bought him. He has turned out to be more than I expected. I have been winning some money this summer heading on him and he is now trying to teach me how to heel. On top of that through this last spring and summer he has been teaching my sister how to ride. Sad for me but good for her she has now laid claim to him outside of the arena. They make a great pair. He is the best ranch horse I own. Thank you for the opportunity to own this great gelding. I will be back for more!!

Adam Jones



Paje & Chad:                

  Hi, Just wanted everyone to know our story with Snowman.   Before buying Snowman, we were looking for a beginners roping horse for myself.  Little did we know what we were buying.  Snowman has proven his worth over and over again,  from roping to moving cattle to just being a great kids horse.  In the last month I let a young girl  use Snowman to build her confidence learning to rope.  Now in the last two weeks I have had two different families wanting to purchase Snowman.  I let them both know Snowman would not be for sale. ( Paje, I promise I will get you some pictures of us roping on him as soon as the weather improves).  Thanks again for selling us such a great horse. 

Karla and Rory

 Helena, MT

Blue, Trinket & Billy


Billy did a great job of teaching the 10 yr old to walk, trot and lope a bit. They both were very proud. On a side note, Trinket is a great kids horse, took him on a 7 mile ride and he was a real solid citizen!

Our family would like to thank you for aallowind us to ride Billy. Anthony and Katy fell in love with him! he is so sweet giving kisses when you give him a good scratch and certainly loves peppermints....

Mark, Shauna, Anthony & Katy

Santa Anna, CA

Beaus Little Joe Glo

He is a beautiful and sweet horse, a wonderful ranch horse, and we are so pleased with him.  I can whistle to him out in the pasture and he comes running in to the corrals while our other horses continue to graze.  He has a wonderful disposition and the cutest personality you could ask for.You all have beautiful, well-trained horses and a gorgeous setting there around Victor, too.  We were so impressed with all your horses that went through the ring. 

Ghislaine Cobb

Dancers Sunup Buck



Here are a couple of shots of Buck taken yesterday.  He is looking great (except for a few scratches from various things he seems to get into!)  We went on a long trail ride and he did great. He also went to a gymkhana the prior weekend and I got LOTS of compliments on what a good looking horse he is and how mellow he is.  He did very well, but no "speed racer".. but he is certainly easy to be around and hang out on!

Hope all is going great.


 Sonja Cuffe of Southern, CA

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