Buyer Information

Buyer Numbers

Buyer Numbers will be available on-site Friday before the sale from 3:00-5:00pm., during the Casual Horse Preview and again Saturday, up until sale time. A Copy of a Valid Driver’s License and/or Bank Letter Required.


You may pre-register for a buyer number until September 1. All pre-registered buyers must check in at the sale office to receive a bidding number and lunch tickets. You must present a valid Driver’s Licence at check-in.

To Pre-Register as an on-site Buyer:
1) Complete the Buyer Pre-Registration Form
2) Have a Letter of Credit Emailed to directly from bank.

Phone & Absentee Bidding

Phone & Absentee Bids will be accepted. Applications must be turned in to the sale office no later than Thursday prior to the sale.

To be eligible for Phone & Absentee bidding:

1) Please complete the Phone & Absentee Bidding Form.
*You will be required to upload an image of a valid Driver’s License.
*A printable version of the Phone & Absentee Form is available at the link provided.
You may complete and submit by Email to along with a copy of a valid Driver’s License.

2) Have a Letter of Credit Emailed to directly from bank.