Calloway (Sold)

2019 AQHA Palomino Gelding
15-0 Hands
Horse Details

2019 AQHA Palomino Gelding

Horse Description

SOLD! $110,000

Going far beyond the ordinary, Calloway is what dreams are made of! Faithful, Smooth, Reliable, Gentle, and handmade perfection. We are excited to introduce you to this versatile Son of GUNS R SHOOTING and out-producing daughter of HOLLYWOOD DUN IT! This FAMILY Horse is more than looks. His versatility and gentle nature make him a trustworthy choice. Calloway has been ridden by various levels of riders at our ranch, on the trails and in the arena. We notice that he works at his rider’s level and is non-reactive to mixed cues. A total LOVE bug who looks forward to his time with his person daily.  He is captivating to ride in & out of the arena and uncomplicated, even bridleless and bareback. Calloway is trained to kneel and curbside to make mounting easy! Calloway keeps it simple for his rider: point & go, stop, & stand. Having owned Calloway from a baby 3 year old, we can pull him out no matter how much time goes by with zero worries. He has a baby-sitter demeanor; you can catch him anywhere, hop on bareback, or saddle him up and go! He sure captures the judge’s attention in the show ring with his presence. A soft and graceful ranch riding mover performs reining maneuvers with ease, phenomenal gait transitions, lead changes, spins like a top. Rides on a draped or contact rein with a great jog and rocking chair lope. Tack him up English, where he so fluidly guides with direct rein and floats across the ground. ABSOLUTELY LOVES trail riding, confident & steady in all situations regardless of location. Quiet on the city streets with the hustle and bustle of semis, strollers and bicycles. We have hauled and ridden him on trails from Montana to Arizona! He is agile and sure-footed in rocky terrain, knows where to put his feet, walks through water, over bridges, over logs, through the trees, up and down the hills. He has been ridden down our city streets with bicycles, motorcycles, and pedestrians. He doesn’t let his feathers ruffle, even with gunfire, plastic bags, and fireworks. Classy as they come packing youth, beginners, & rides to the level of his rider on his back. He gets along with other horses in turnouts and the trailer. Calloway isn’t afraid to get his hooves dirty, as he has also been an asset on the ranch. Used for daily tasks such as cattle drives, sorting buffalo and cattle, doctoring, and branding. In roping, he is a standout with a lot of natural ability, run, and rate! He has impeccable manners, is patient when tied, likes bathes, and is one you could trust with toddlers. To say we love Calloway is an understatement, and we know you will agree too. He has the looks, disposition, conformation, and talent for a lifetime of memories. Whether your interests lie in leisure trail rides, ranch versatility, western dressage, loping across pastures, reining, mounted shooting, roping & ranching, or simply being THE best buddy, Calloway is the perfect partner for your endeavors. We would love to schedule a time for you to try him for yourself. Please call 406-381-2347 – Chad & Paje Turner. Calloway is first-class in every way, and certain to steal your heart. We are excited to offer Calloway as lot 54 at Premier Horse Sales Ride the Wave, Ocala, Florida at the World Equestrian Center.