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We love our horses and we want you to also. You can find us competing and winning on our horses that are FOR SALE.  That is why we can offer our horses, proven, solid, and seasoned. We also have several horses that are just started or ready to start hauling. Look for us at WTRC, USTRC, World Series, and the ACTRA ropings,  amateur rodeos, AQHA, APHA, NCHA, NRCHA, or Ranch Versatility Shows. Our family first started into the cattle industry in 1952, cattle were bred and sold for breeding and slaughter purposes. At that time, operations included a respected breeding program, pasture grazing and commercial feedlots, keeping an emphasis on improving genetics. Our horses were used to move, doctor, sort and gather cattle a well trained, respective good looking horse was very appreciated. As the years have passed, we have gone from running many cattle to extensively breeding and training performance horses. Our philosophy is, “A side a fine cowboy is one fine horse”, and our ideas are further extended into the roping arena, cutting pen, pack string, show ring, and especially a first horse.

We are proud to have produced many fine horses throughout the years, most of which have gone on to excel in various disciplines. We feel that we have a responsibility to our clients to offer high end proven performance horses that can take them to the winners circle or out for a nice ride on the ranch! 



15.1 Hands, Weighs 1225

He's got it all, he's kind, stays gentle, beautiful and lets you rope to win if thats what you choose to use him for. If your looking for a solid mount on the trails or the ranch, he can carry you confidently. Or if you want to win in the arena, Buttons stays honest and true. One that when loose will walk in the head box and turn around solo to rope another. He likes his job just that much. Outside the arena, you will not find  a better ride. We love him! Sound, UTD on worming, dental and farrier.





Own son of STYLISH REY out of a SMART LIL HIGHBROW dam

15 Hands, Weighs 1220

SELLS APRIL 28, 2018 at the Billings Livestock Rope Horse Sale. Contact us for Phone bidding info.

Dual has the whose who of horses throughout his entire pedigree. Has a lot of try and talent, a very versatile horse. In the roping, he is a true switch ender; scores, runs, works off his hocks and operates on both ends. Has also had calves tied off him, in the arena and the pasture. Will be previewed calf roping, heading and heeling, including the roping jackpot. On the ranch, he is your go to horse, watches a cow and works all phases, well. Has a good neck rein, soft lopes, has a lead change, works gates and can stop. Really broke and really nice. Sound, UTD on worming, dental, and farrier. 






15 1/2 Hands, Weighs 1275

SELLS APRIL 28, 2018 at the Billings Livestock Rope Horse Sale. Contact us for Phone bidding info.

Motley will be a sale highlight, he has the most outstanding conformation and disposition. Quiet from his head to his toe. Broke so well, neck reins, moves off leg pressure and backs readily. A true ranch horse, has worked all phases from the feedlot to the pastures. Used in the branding pen and doctoring. On the trails, he has been ridden is rough terrain, so careful with his feet. Making a very nice head horse, stays quiet in the box, can flat run, and log cattle without knowing their back there. A true all around horse who stays gentle when not ridden for periods of time. Sound, and UTD on worming, dental, and farrier. 





15 Hands, Weighs 1200

Domino sells Lot #77 Cody Horse Sale in Cody, Wyoming May 13, 2018. Phone bidding is offered, 307-754-4320.

Such a privilege to offer a horse of this caliber to you. Domino is coal black with just a hint of chrome, stout built with a good wither. A very versatile gelding, there is not one person who wouldn't benefit from owning him. You name it, Domino has and can do it. 

A fancy head and heel horse, also roped a few calves. Hauled to score and world series starts. He's flat, can run and plumb easy to rope on. A veteran on the ranch, and yes he's good to brand on. Looking for a super safe guy for the ranch, one the ranch foreman begs to ride....Yes he's fun on the trails too. Point and go. Domino is a light cribber, UTD on worming, dental and farrier. A real honest-fancy gelding. 







15 hands, 1175

Too sells Lot #22 Cody Horse Sale in Cody, Wyoming May 13, 2018. Phone bidding is offered, 307-754-4320.

Quiet, broke and seasoned. No matter your pleasure Too will compliment you. A solid trail horse, who is smooth to ride and point and go with a solid neck rein. A veteran on the ranch Too, is loaded with cow! He is your next show horse, in the reining, ranch versatility, or 4-H. Will a fancy turn around, soft lead changes and loper. He rides bridle-less, in a halter, and with NO hands! He is a very soft mover, hardly moves your seat. Good in the branding pen, a true all around gelding. Too will crib on lead ropes. UTD on worming, dental and farrier. 






15 1/2 Hands, Weighed 1225

Whether your looking for a fancy ranch rider, or something to school them at the ropings this guy might be for you. And when the day is done, you'll be riding the prettiest horse around!

Very broke, has a good neck rein, knows his leads, and lopes collected circles. Rides very smooth at all gaits. Socks has been hauled as a head horse and also heeled on. You can see your start on him, get up and rope, no pulling or any issues. Worked the world series and score set ups.A nice pickup horse as well. Seen the sights and sound. Rides outside on the ranch has sorted, gathered, doctored and branded cattle. Sound, and UTD on worming, Dental and farrier.










Looking for a flawless buttermilk buckskin, he's still a stud and only because he's a gentleman. Started under saddle and on the 3rd ride, tracked the heel o matic. Walks up to you to catch you, and is quite a buddy. He is good with his feet, gets trimmed regularly. 







x World Champion RODDIN REAL

14.3 Hands

Mosey is just as cute as pie, and so unique. He has a 1/2 of a medicine hat on his head, looks like 2 different horses from side to side. He has very complementary conformation, with a big hip and a babydoll head. 

A very docile gelding, one whom can go and win the Ranch Versatility classes! Would also make a great youth horse, as he can lope and has a good neck rein. A real ranch gelding, cowy and smooth-smooth-smooth to ride. Has been used to gather, sort and doctor cattle and tied onto. A  tried and true trail gelding as well. 

Mosey is an easy to rope on heel horse, low headed with his shoulders up and hocks under him. No matter your pleasure if youd like to go have fun and win come and try Mosey. Sound, UTD on worming, dental and farrier.








15 Hands, 1250 Pounds

He will not sell before The Bots Sots Memorial June 2, 2018 in Sheridan, Wyoming. Phone bidding is available, and shipping can also be arranged.

We couldn't be any more proud to offer Cody to you, the kind of horse everyone wants. A picture perfect buttermilk buckskin, with exceptional bone and hoof. Cody is kind, easy to catch, groom, saddle and load. Comes complete with all the bells and whistles , a good neck rein, moves off leg pressure, knows his leads, will collect or move out when asked.

He works the pace you ask him to, having been ridden on the trails, the ranch and in the arena. A very versatile gelding everyone would enjoy. Cody is making a very nice head and heel horse, is easy to operate and top one. He has also been shot off of, for the mounted shooter in you. Sound, UTD on worming, dental and farrier.






Stands 15 hands

He will not sell before the Bots Sots Horse Sale in Sheridan, Wyoming June 2, 2018. Phone bidding is available as well as shipping. 

Something about a sharp dressed man, and that Bugatti is. He really catches your eye, and soon to capture your heart. So well broke, he spins, lopes, has a lead change and can stop. Works a cow very well, having been a ranch horse and worked all phases on the ranch. Slips on over to work gates horseback, will ride off alone and walk home. If your looking to trail ride, Bugatti is sure footed. Ridden in the mountains and the flats. 

A head and heel horse, you will like how he works and is ready to go win on. We have shot off Bugatti and he would be a fancy mounted shooter. If your looking for a pleasant ride for the trails, ranch or the arena, Bugatti is sure to win your heart. He is sound, and UTD on worming, dental and farrier.






Stands 15 Hands

He will sell at the Bots Sots Sale June 2, 2018 in Sheridan, Wyoming. Phone bidding and hauling can be arranged.

With absolutely flawless conformation and just the right amount of chrome, standing 15 hands Tee is an outstanding prospect. The good ones are getting are getting so hard to find and we have him right here!

His resume exceeds most 7 year olds. He has a good neck rein, knows his leads, and works off leg pressure. We have started him roping in the arena and he has all the attributes to make a fancy rope, mounted shooting, sorting, or ranch versatility horse. Watch Tee in the ranch horse competition. Guaranteed sound, UTD on worming, dental and farriers.







14.3 Hands

Rocky is consigned and will sell at the Bots Sots Remount June 2, 2018, in Sheridan Wyoming. Phone Bidding is available. 

Rockie is a cute 14.3 hand, kind red roan gelding whom is a sale highlight. A trusting one, who will let you walk out to catch him, and stand quiet for handling/saddling. Ridden on the trails and in parades, worked the ranch chores, won at the ranch horse competitions and is also an accomplished rope horse. Rockie neck reins, responds to leg pressure and backs readily. Smooth to ride, knows his leads and will move out or collect at all gaits. A horse the ranch foreman would so enjoy to ride, as he has cow and will side pass over and work all gates. Rockie is an easy going guy, has been ridden bareback, double and in a halter. Proven in the roping arena, heeling and heading, hauled to world series, ustrc, and wrangler ropings. Quiet when turned out with other horses, to haul and groom. Guaranteed sound, and UTD on worming, dental and farrier. We welcome you to come and try Rockie, and he's one you wont regret. 





Will SELL at the Billings Livestock Rope Horse Sale April 28, 2018.  Phone bidding is offered and Shipping can be arranged, contact us for more info on sale.

A beautifully handsome gelding. Ray is a true using ranch horse, whose already a multiple $ winner in the roping arena. Hauled all over Arizona this past year and won on from the 13 to the 10 ropings. He scores flat footed and confident, runs flat to cattle, takes ahold of them in the corner and has a snappy face. He can take a lot of runs and keep his head on his shoulders. A nice horse to heel on as well. 

He has a soft lope, can lead change and stop. Will really watch a cow in front of him, and knows what do to when you rope on him. Has been used in the branding pen, to doctor, sort and gather cattle. Used in rough terrain. Please call us for more info on Ray 406-381-2347. Sound and UTD on worming, dental and farrier. 




2007 AQHA Dun Gelding 


15 1/2 Hands, Weighs 1250

He has it ALL! One handsome gentleman, you might get a couple of whistles when he walks by!!!  We feel Benji is self explanatory. If you like how he looks, you'll love his personality and how he rides. Benji will walk up to you in the pasture, and demand your attention. Laid back demeanor on the ground and to ride. Gets along well with all horses, and stands tied quietly. A solid trail horse, just point and go, smooth to ride and crosses all obstacles. Having been ridden a lot in the mountains he is very sure footed and picks up his feet. He has been on several overnight trail rides and is a complete dream. A fancy AQHA Ranch pleasure horse, can trot the trot and walk the walk PLUS Benji is A Top end heading horse, scores, can flat run, rate, get ahold of cattle and face. If your looking for that 1 horse he is the one for you....  Look no further! 




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