Coco (Sold)

14-3 Hands
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SOLD! $175,000

Just as a cup of hot cocoa warms your soul, our Coco will always do the same! What an elegant gelding, a deep, rich, dark bay we call Coco. It is so affectionate and warm in kindness and color! He is the gentleman all gentlemen aspire to be- we cannot speak higher of a horse. This is the guy everyone BEGS to ride, time after time-he steals hearts! Big kind eyes, long mane, and put together right. If you like personality, you’ve come to the right stall. Coco is a true friend and loves attention, yet respects your space, too! A neat-bred gelding, he is a Son of WIMPYNEEDSACOCKTAIL LTE $285K with Offspring earnings of $682K and by an NRHA-producing dam MERCEDES AND CROME. He has his NRHA license and is eligible for the Riata Buckle Futurity! Coco is a Reining NRHA money earner, easy to prepare, and uncomplicated to show. Beginners, Youth, Non-Pro, or Senior riders can enjoy how he carries himself with an incredible neck rein, pretty turn arounds, smooth lead changes, and a massive stopper! What we admire about Coco is that he will ride and show for almost any level of rider-plusing maneuvers! Does not over-respond and is very merciful to mixed cues. He has been ridden by many riders at our ranch and stays forgiving and consistent with young, older or inexperienced riders. Coco saddles up well even after time off. He stays honest and rides bridle-less or bareback. We have trained Coco to bow and curbside to make mounting easy. He is a hassle-free gelding, perfect in and out of the arena. A horse that really enjoys his time outside of the arena and appreciates the scenery! He has proven himself on the ranch and the trails. From the Mountain trails of Montana to the Desert rides of Arizona, he crosses water, logs, and bridges – with a group or out alone, just point and go; he will pick his way right through any terrain. Nothing bothers him: fireworks, blowing tarps, bicycles, dogs, large machinery, and riding through & around traffic. We used Coco on overnight hunting trips this past fall, and he really played the part well! You name it, being exposed to tents, hikers, games, fishing poles. Literally the best behaved, on the city streets, he minds his business and isn’t affected by semis air brakes, manhole covers, or strollers that come past him. A great partner on the ranch, he has also spent time on cattle drives, sorting and checking fences. Talk about fun on cattle, he will really watch a cow at the rein of his rider! Ranch Versatility riders would clean up with Coco between the reins, he glides across the arena with a smooth jog and extended Texas trot. He is extremely dexterous and has a lot of talent and patience all in one package. Coco is making quite the exquisite rope horse on both ends. Showy, square in the box, runs and hunts cattle. He’s strong from the horn when heading and drags his tail when heeling. Coco hauls, stalls, and turns out well with others. Has very quiet ground manners and is patient. Hop on him bareback and ride off into the sunset. You simply cannot go wrong with Coco. Mr. Perfect for the entire family. He has passed all veterinary, sale requirements, Sound & UTD on worming, dental, and farrier. Coco will be sold at Ride The Wave Premier Horse Sale on March 29th & 30th in Ocala, Florida. We are proud to offer him to you and would love to schedule a time for you to come and meet him for yourself. FMI please call 406-381-2347. We cannot speak more highly of a horse; we appreciate EVERY SINGLE thing about this buddy!